Meet The Team
A community service enthusiast at heart, Seema Korumilli co-founded the Literacy Movement 4 More with her twin brother in 2013 with a mission to construct libraries for those who had never had access to one. A second year student at Northeastern University, Seema is currently pursuing her BS in Business Administration with concentrations in finance and management information systems.
Seema is a compulsive problem-solver, challenge seeker, and community servant who is constantly looking for meaningful ways to impact citizens around the globe. Whether it be through her charity work with LM4M or reporting with the most prestigious newspaper in India, Seema is an agent for change always on the hunt for solutions. Positivity, learning, and collaboration resonate deeply with Seema, and those pillars have often guided her into work centered on volunteering and education. In recognition for her dedication and leadership, Seema received the President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2016.
Seema loves meeting new people, brainstorming ideas, and sharing adventures. Feel free to connect with her on Linkedin or contact Seema personally through her email with any other inquiries.
Seema Korumilli

Suraj Korumilli is one part of the dynamic twin duo that founded the Literacy Movement 4 More. He is currently a second year student at Northeastern University, where he is currently pursuing a double BS in Computer Science and Business administration.

Passionate about programming and all things computers, Suraj has spearheaded and labored over each of LM4M’s technological endeavors. Suraj cares about engaging in open and creative problem-solving processes that pinpoint every aspect of a problem and create significant change. To this end, Suraj has interned with companies such as The Hindu and Extramarks to further develop his critical thinking and communication skills. In recognition of his work with LM4M, Suraj and his sister were nominated for the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards in 2016.

Between work, eating, tennis, and bad jokes, Suraj is always searching for more relationships to forge and more stories to tell. Connect with him on Linkedin or email him personally to get in touch!  
Suraj Korumilli
Our mission is to promote literacy around the world through the construction of libraries and provision of crucial educational materials such as technology and school supplies. 
Our vision is a fully literate society where every person in every community around the world is empowered to reach their full potential through reading and education. To this end, Literacy Movement 4 More aims to build hundreds of libraries that facilitate healthy learning environments and meaningful community engagement. 

Our fundamental beliefs and guiding principles

Education. Passion. Service. These are the pillars in which all of our work at Literacy Movement 4 More is rooted in. Our core values not only direct us through missions, but guide us toward a more impactful mindset for the future. They are at the center of all the relationships we forge with individuals and communities- relationships founded on commitment, innovation, and change.