1. Managing Director
    LM4M constructed their first library for the ALC Orphanage in Kapileshwarapuram, India. The library consisted of over 500 books- including 20 Telegu to English translation dictionaries- and a reading room stocked with chairs and a table. Additionally, the Korumilli twins conducted a meeting with the village elders on their vision for the impact they wished to have on the community.
  2. Managing Director
    LM4M revisited Kapileshwarapuram to donate 300 additional books and two laptops to the library. Suraj, in charge of technology, downloaded 200 e-books and various educational applications on to the laptop. The twins held a workshop at the community center to demonstrate the children at the orphanage and other members of the community how to navigate the laptop.
  3. Managing Director
    Co-founders Seema and Suraj held an informational community presentation about Literacy Movement 4 More at the Plainsboro Public Library. The presentation was on myriad topics, such as LM4M’s mission, tools and techniques, and vision for the future.
  4. Managing Director
    LM4M donated over 100 books and 20 bins to the Bilney Lane Children’s Home in the Bahamas to begin a library there. Additionally, the team donated one backpack filled with school supplies to each one of the 21 children residing at the institution. Each backpack consisted of: one notebook, one pencil case, six pencils, one pack of 12 colored pencils, one pencil sharpener, one pack of four crayons, one rules, one glue stick/glue bottle, and one plush toy.
  5. Managing Director
    LM4M constructed a library consisting of over 100 books and 10 bins for the Frank O’Brian Academy (OBA) in Ewing, NJ. The team collaborated with the Ewing High School Life Skill classes to label the books donated to OBA and grant volunteer hours to the students who helped. Our team also Initiated a reading challenge program where students who filled out a certain number of reading logs (part of a literacy program designed by LM4M) would win a small prize such as a backpack or a pair of headphones.
  6. Managing Director
    LM4M constructed a library consisting of over 200 books and 20 bins for the Bayard Taylor Elementary School in Philadelphia, PA. The books provided were a combination of donations and new material purchased with the organization funds. Seema and Suraj held a reading circle for a second-grade class, where they read one of the new books we had donated. Additionally, LM4M donated one coloring pad to each student in the class as incentive to read.
  7. Managing Director
    LM4M revisited the Bahamas and donated over 200 books and 2 laptops to the library at Bilney lane Children’s Home. The laptops were each stocked with a digital library consisting of hundreds of books and educational applications. Seema and Suraj held a mini workshop to teach the children and adults residing at the home how to navigate the laptops.
  8. Managing Director
    LM4M collaborated with the MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) of Mandapeta, India, to visit and donate to two schools. The team donated approximately 200 books and one laptop to the Sarkaar Sri Vegullveeraaju Municipal U.P School and donated school supplies to another primary school in Mandapeta.
  9. Managing Director
    LM4M revisited Ewing and donated approximately 100 additional books to the library at the Frank O’Brian Academy. Additionally, Seema and Suraj personally awarded prizes to two exceptional students who won the LM4M reading challenge for the 2016-2017 school year. The students, Lillie and Evan, had read the highest number of books compared to their classmates since the beginning of the school year, and were each awarded with a pair of glow-in-the-dark headphones.
  10. Managing Director
    LM4M signed a pledge with Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Vegulla Jogeswara Rao on July 6th 2017 to build libraries for all 17 schools in the district of Mandapeta. The team visited the Sri Vivekananda Municipal Upper Primary School and donated over 200 books and one laptop to begin a new library at the school. Seema and Suraj also distributed pens emblazoned with Literacy Movement 4 More's name to each of the 150 students at the school.
  11. Managing Director
    The twins revisited the ALC Orphanage in Kapileshwarapuram to donate geometry boxes, pencil boxes, pens, and pencils to all the children currently residing at the orphanage.
  12. Managing Director
    LM4M worked with the SOS Children's Village in Plagiari to donate 200 books and school supplies to the existing library in the main orphanage building. Seema and Suraj worked with volunteers from the NUin program at the American College of Thessaloniki to interact with, play with, and teach the children at SOS.

November 2017: Plagiari, Greece

July 2017: Kapileshwarapuram

July 2017: Mandapeta

June 2017: Ewing 

July 2016: Mandapeta

June 2016: Bahamas 

June 2016: Philadelphia

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September 2014: Plainsboro 

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